Shhh-We can’t say that Allen School broke the Guinness Record

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We can’t officially saaay that Allen School broke the Guinness World Record of the most storybook characters gathered in one place at one time. The record was 453 people. The Guinness folks first need to make Allen’s feat official. But we can tell you that the school submitted documentation to support that the students, staff and community helped break the previous record by eight characters. Their secret is safe with us, wink wink. (Photo of Principal Toni Faddis as the Evil Queen from Snow White and Camilla from ‘Bad Case of the Stripes.’)

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2 Comments on “Shhh-We can’t say that Allen School broke the Guinness Record”

  1. Dan winters March 2, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    Here is my unofficial but heartfelt congratulations to the Allen Community!

  2. chulavistaesd March 5, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    We have an update from the principal:

    “We are bursting with school pride! Allen students read 22,059,231 words between Feb 1-29. This is great as research shows that academic success is directly correlated with one’s amount of reading. Our kids have read 89,605,231 words so far this school year. That is 6,777 books read this year-an awesome total for our small school!

    The idea for Storybook Character Day was originated by a 6th grader, Madison Brown, who approached me last May about going for the world record. We decided to tie the event to Read Across America month, so she and her mom applied to Guinness and have corresponded with them for several months.

    We can’t officially say that we broke the record just yet, but we have the numbers necessary to do so. Now we are waiting for Guinness to verify the totals. Hopefully we will make it into the 2013 edition!

    Thanks for supporting us.”


    Toni Jones Faddis
    Allen Elementary School

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