Rosebank on the Move: From Hula Hoops to Healthy Eating

Courtesy of Principal Scott Woodward:

Rosebank Elementary’s Student Council is proud to support  the American Cancer Society’s efforts to find a cure for cancer.  This week, the students are focused on education, prevention, celebration of survivors, and raising money for cancer research.

Monday March 12         9 a.m. Kick-off Celebration:  Hula Hoops for Hope:  We kick off the week with an all school assembly on the playground.  Students will participate in this kick-off by hula hooping for hope, the hope is a cure for cancer.

Tuesday March 13         Skin Cancer Awareness Day: Everyone is encouraged to wear a hat to focus on the need for sunscreen and sun protection.  Students will decorate luminary bags and create a class sign for the relay.

Wednesday March 14   Survivor Relay Day: Classrooms will take turns walking the track for 15 minutes in a relay format.  Because cancer never rests, we will always have a class walking during the day.  Students are invited to ask family members and friends who are cancer survivors to join them for their class walk.

Thursday March 15       Healthy Eating Day:  The focus is on fighting cancer with proper food and healthy eating habits.  Students are asked to dedicate the day to eating healthy!

Friday March 16            Breast Cancer Survivor Day:  Rosebank will celebrate Breast Cancer survivors, and the search for a cure by wearing Pink and/or Purple.

The Student Council goals for the week are to raise awareness and funds for fighting cancer. Please consider making a donation to support our student efforts.  This truly is a cause that touches all of our lives.

Scott Woodward, Principal                                         Jazlynn Welker, Student Council President

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