Child Health and Disability Prevention Program

Your child or teenager may be eligible for a free physical exam and other health services.  Uninsured children from low- to medium-income families, children in Head Start or state funded preschoools, and Medi-Cal recipients up to age 21 are eligible for: a complete physical exam; immunizations; vision and hearing screening; blood tests; oral health assessment; nutritional assessment; behavioral assessment; health education.

Call for more info or to schedule an appointment: 

  • San Ysidro Health Center, 4004 Beyer Blvd., San Ysidro, (619) 662-4138
  • Otay Family Clinic, 1637 Third Ave., Chula Vista, (619) 205-1360
  • National City Family Clinic, 1136 “D” Ave., National City, (619) 336-2313
  • Chula Vista Family Clinic, 865 Third Ave., Chula Vista (619) 498-6200 ext.7227

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