Vista Square’s Garden to Bloom Anew

Vista Square rededicated its school garden as a community garden on Thursday, April 19 in a ceremony that included students, staff, city officials and community supporters.The garden was originally established in 1997 by Martha Deichler, a teacher and later principal at Vista Square. It had fallen into disrepair until school nurse Pauline Presson took on the task of restoring the garden.

Today, thanks to grants and community support, the 5,000-square-foot garden has 10 raised beds, a garden shed, composting bins, garden tools, a permanent irrigation system, and a small resource library. To encourage the community to take ‘ownership’ of the garden, the beds are being ‘rented’ to different groups, and will be accessible on the weekends through a special gate. Encouraging the community to share this space will provide the students with a learning laboratory, help address the obesity epidemic in our community, improve community cohesiveness, and provide a beautiful, productive green space. Says Ms. Presson, “Some of the groups/businesses that have helped restore the garden or will be helping soon include Home Depot, Lowes, The New Hope Church, Rotary, Turning the Hearts Center and the Chula Vista Community Collaborative, not to mention our wonderful facilities department at CVESD.”   

Consider also the following information from the University of California Cooperative Extension about community gardens:

“Why Start a Community Garden? Many families living in the city would like to grow some of their own fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Some want to save money on their food bills. Others like the freshness, flavor and wholesomeness of home-grown produce. And for many, gardening is a relaxing way to exercise and enjoy being out-of-doors. There are also familes from other cultures who would like to grow traditional foods not available in the supermarket.

“Community gardens beautify neigborhoods and help bring neighbors closer together. They have been proven as tools to reduce neighborhood crime. Community gardens provide safe, recreational green space in urban areas with little or no park land and can contribute greatly to keeping urban air clean. Those who are lucky enough to have sunny backyards or balconies can plant a garden whenever they have the time and energy. But what about those who do not have a place to garden? For these people, community gardens may be the answer.”

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to Vista Square, and the many, many community members who are helping the garden to bloom anew.

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One Comment on “Vista Square’s Garden to Bloom Anew”

  1. cvesdtech May 3, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    Boys and Girls at Rosebank: What a beautiful garden you have grown! Keep up the good work and enjoy the “fruits and vegetables” of your labor. : )

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