Transitional Kindergarten Program Still Possible in CVESD

The District is preparing to offer a transitional kindergarten program for children who will turn 5 years of age between November 2 and December 2, 2012, pending information from the state Department of Education in mid-May.  District schools will begin preregistering students using the same registration procedures as we do with other grade levels. Regional transitional kindergarten school sites are yet to be determined; the program will not be offered at every campus.

Parents registering for Transitional Kindergarten are sure to have questions regarding the program. Here is a helpful Q and A series.

When will we know for sure that transitional kindergarten will be offered?

School districts expect to receive word from the California Department of Education in May. Families of students preregistered for transitional kindergarten will be contacted immediately.

Where will transitional kindergarten be offered?

Transitional Kindergarten will be offered at several regional sites in the District. There will not be a Transitional Kindergarten at every school.

Where will my child be placed for transitional kindergarten?

Students will be placed in the Transitional Kindergarten site nearest their address.

Will bus transport be provided?

Families will need to provide their own transportation.

How long is the transitional kindergarten day?

Transitional Kindergarten will be a half-day program.

Will transitional kindergarten be free or will I have to pay?

Transitional Kindergarten will be free and open to all age-eligible children.

How is transitional kindergarten different from preschool?

The standards, curriculum and teaching requirements in transitional kindergarten will be different than preschool. Transitional kindergarten will be part of the K-12 public school system and it will be based on the kindergarten standards. It will build on the skills children may have learned in preschool to ensure they will be able to begin kindergarten with confidence.

Will transitional kindergarten be mandatory for children with November birthdays?

Just like kindergarten, transitional kindergarten enrollment will be voluntary.

What grade will children go into after transitional kindergarten?

Transitional kindergarten is the first of a two-year kindergarten experience.

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