Students Vow to ‘Rock!’ the CSTs

The choreographed routine involved John J. Montgomery Elementary staff dancing and fist pumping to a popular Top 40 song. Students cheered wildly and parents laughed out loud as their children’s teachers attempted to, well, shake it. At Otay Elementary, two male staff members donned ‘muscle’ costumes and posed as Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live as they encouraged students to work out their most important muscle: the brain. Hazel Goes Cook staff recently treated students to a music video parody of a hit song, which they called ‘Smarties and They Know It.’

Schools across the District are finding creative, and engaging ways to motivate and prepare students to ‘Rock!’ the upcoming California Standards Tests. The CVESD testing window is April 30-May 10 for the majority of students in Grades 2-8. Embedded within the fun activities at assemblies are simple test-taking tips, such as filling in the bubbles completely on answer sheets .

Cook Principal Mathew Shy said it takes consistently showing students that you are truly invested in their success, and then holding them accountable to achieve their personal best during this time of year.

“You celebrate the little and big successes,” Shy said. “Cook Elementary School created a music video to help motivate students to do their best on the CST and other STAR state tests. Student performance and morale increase when students feel connected to their school community.

“Students work hard every day, and they see their teachers do the same. But when students see their teachers showing enthusiasm, team spirit, and unity, they are genuinely motivated to do their best. Students know that the Cook staff believe in them, are here to teach them, and encourage them each day.”

Assistant Superintendent John M. Nelson III, Ed.D., noted that parents can take several steps to help children to do their best on the assessments. Parents can:

  • Encourage students to get plenty of sleep; set an early bedtime to be sure.
  • Ensure their child eats a healthy breakfast.
  • Promote a positive and supportive test-taking attitude.
  • Set doctor and dentist appointments outside of school time.

“We want every student to do their very best and show what they know,” Dr. Nelson said. “Teachers have worked all year to prepare their students for these assessments.”

Parents may want to view the information on the following link: Standardized Testing and Reporting. This site is designed to help parents understand the STAR Program to better familiarize their children with testing. A report of each child’s results on the STAR assessments will be sent to parents/guardians by mid-August 2012.  If you have any questions regarding the STAR program, please contact your school principal.

See Cook Elementary’s music video here:

Want to see more? View a slideshow of Montgomery and Otay CST events below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Comments on “Students Vow to ‘Rock!’ the CSTs”

  1. cvesdtech May 1, 2012 at 5:33 pm #

    It is great to see these teachers support and encourage students via current technology! I Liked the YouTube post from Cook! As a former Crusader, I think the TEACHERS AND STAFF rocked the “smarties” kidos with style!

  2. Mrs. King May 2, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    Thank you for posting. We need more inspiration and motivation like this throughout the year! It’s awesome to see educators get involved in a light-hearted, fun, spirited way. It lets the students know that it’s not all serious business. 🙂

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