CVESD Students Achieve Proficiency at Higher Rates Than County, State

Cook, Rogers schools posted District’s largest gains in English, Math respectively

District students made sizable gains in standardized testing in the 2011-12 school year, with a larger proportion than ever scoring proficient or advanced in English/Language Arts and mathematics. The student achievement gains placed CVESD well ahead of county and state rates for proficiency or higher, based upon student results for the California Standards Tests (CST) or the California Modified Assessments (CMA) that were administered in May 2012.

“We are extremely proud of our students,” said Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D. “We commend the hard work and commitment of our teachers and principals. Our teachers are amazing. And we can’t say enough about the support of our parents and community members, who ensure we maintain a culture of high expectations for all students. We will not rest until all students are proficient.”

Students were tested in English/Language Arts and math.  Additionally, students in grade four were tested in writing, and students in grade five were assessed in science. The results from these assessments provide parents information on progress their children are making toward meeting grade level standards.  School leaders and staff use the information to evaluate the effectiveness of our instructional program.

CVESD schools such as Heritage, Thurgood Marshall and Halecrest achieved higher student proficiency rates in math and English/Language Arts than the district-wide averages for Coronado’s elementary schools. Heritage also outperformed the district-wide averages for elementary schools in math and E/LA in the Poway Unified School District.

State-wide, approximately 4.7 million students participated in the 2012 STAR program, with 57 percent scoring proficient or above in English-language arts and 51 percent scoring at proficient or above in mathematics, the highest percentage since the tests were fully aligned in 2003 to California’s content standards, which describe what students should know for each grade and subject tested.

Among the District’s highlights:

  • Hazel Goes Cook Elementary was the District’s highest year-over-year gainer in school-wide growth in English/Language Arts; Greg Rogers was tops in the District in school-wide growth in math proficiency.
  • Overall, Heritage Elementary was first among District schools in both school-wide English/Language Arts and school-wide math proficiency. A blistering 88% of Heritage students were proficient or advanced in mathematics and 84% in English/Language Arts.
  • Overall, Corky McMillin Elementary had the highest performing 6th grade students, with 87.5% proficient or above in math and 89% proficient or above in English/Language Arts.
  • 6th grade students at Loma Verde Elementary posted a nearly 20 point increase in English/Language Arts proficiency to 73%, up from 44% the prior year. This was one of the highest year-over-year gains in the county.

Loma Verde Principal Jane Clark credited the school’s implementation of “departmentalization,” where Ms. Veronica Valdivia taught English/Language Arts and social science for both Loma Verde 6th grade classes, and Ms. Audrey Gay taught math and science. “At Loma last year, we had a laser-like focus on reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary development,” Clark said. “Not only did we do that, but we looked at the individual child in each classroom and focused on all students within every target group. We made sure we looked at data to ensure data-driven instruction. That’s how teachers were able to target groups of students who needed to close the gap.”

Valdivia (pictured with students) taught 6th grade for the first time last year. She took on the challenge of English/Language Arts instruction—and 79% of her class achieved proficient or above.

“When I found out, I was astounded,” Valdivia said of Loma’s 6th grade results. “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I am very passionate about working with kids and really helping them understand concepts. …My concern last year was making sure my students were well prepared for middle school. I wanted to give them the best opportunity I could.”

View more coverage of CVESD achievement gains from 10News by clicking here.

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