A Landmark Day as All Schools Achieve State Benchmark

Despite ‘higher bar,’ CVESD schools are meeting the challenge

All District schools surpassed the state Academic Performance Index (API) benchmark score of 800, and a record number exceeded 900, according to results released Thursday by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The District’s 2012 API score improved to 870, which is a 9-point gain from the prior year and well above the statewide 815 API score for elementary schools. The API results come on the heels of a state report last month that illustrated how more District students than ever are scoring proficient or advanced in English-language arts and Mathematics, based on standardized testing in 2011-12. District students continue to outperform their peers in the county and state.

“The API results are reason to celebrate,” said Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D. “For the first time, every school in our District is above the state benchmark. This is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our students, teachers and principals. The level of parent engagement in our District is second-to-none, and it shows in the high achievement of our schools.”

Individual school results are impressive.  A record 10 schools now have API scores of 900 or above: Heritage (936), Olympic View (923), Thurgood Marshall (917), Corky McMillin (915), Halecrest (912), Salt Creek (910), Veterans (909), Arroyo Vista Charter (906), Chula Vista Hills (906), and Anne and William Hedenkamp (901).

The District’s across-the-board gains help illustrate the benefits of CVESD’s decentralized approach. The Board of Education and the Superintendent trust in the abilities of school administrators and staff members to come up with solutions that fit their unique challenges.  In turn, the site-level decision-makers are held accountable for their results.

The state and federal government use testing data in two very different approaches for accountability.  California utilizes the API model to monitor growth, and the federal government uses the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) model to measure attainment of proficiency targets. As required by federal law, the state on Thursday also released the results for the federal school accountability measures.

CVESD is one of only two large districts in San Diego County not in federal Program Improvement status.

Among CVESD’s highlights:

  • Greg Rogers school was tops in the District in year-over-year API growth, with a 41 point gain; Myrtle S. Finney school was second with a 39 point year-over-year gain; and Hazel Goes Cook was third with a 37 point increase compared to last year.
  • Heritage Elementary was first among all District schools with an API score of 936—outpacing elementary schools in Coronado and many in Poway as well; a total of 7 CVESD schools outscored Coronado’s elementaries.
  • The API score for English learners improved to 830, which is higher than the overall API score for some districts in the state.

The 2012 API gains reflect the instructional leadership of principals and teacher leaders, the frequent on-going assessment of students, and the standards-based instructional planning accomplished through grade-level collaboration, said John M. Nelson, III, Ed.D., CVESD’s Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services and Support.

For a complete list of school or district-level API data, please visit the following website: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/ac/ar/

PHOTOS: Students at Rogers Elementary and Finney Elementary were first and second, respectively, among District schools that recorded the greatest year-over-year growth on the state’s Academic Performance Index.

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