District ‘Tenure Tea’ Honors Recently Tenured Staff

More than 40 teachers were honored recently for making the grade as newly tenured teachers. The District held its annual ‘Tenure Tea’ reception at the Education Service and Support Center to recognize teachers who made it through a rigorous screening process.

“They earned tenure because of their performance, because of their contribution to student achievement, to their grade level team, and to their school’s success,” said Sandra Villegas-Zúñiga, Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources Services and Support.

The teachers also had something else in common. After a careful review of STAR data for Grades 2-6 and Local Measures data for Kindergarten and Grade 1,  75 percent or more of their students:  (1)  Either scored at Proficient and Advanced levels in English/Language Arts and Mathematics, or (2) Met end-of-year criteria for Local Measures Reading, Writing, and Math. Such teachers are known as “75% gainer” teachers in CVESD.

“They are not only responsible for strong student achievement, but they also have the leadership capactiy to be an integral part of their grade-level team, and they helped lead their school to greatness,” Villegas-Zúñiga added.

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Maria P. Adargas Pupil Services (Feaster)
Christina N. Arauz Otay
Maria E. Arjona Veterans
Brenda Bernachi-Aguilera Liberty
Craig S. Best Juarez-Lincoln
Daniela L. Camacho Pupil Services (Veterans)
Margaret S. Cannon Arroyo Vista Charter
Nancy J. Cavanah Rice
Nicolas W. Cerney Pupil Services (Kellogg)
Veronica Cordova Vista Square
Cathy J. Cosio Wolf Canyon
Sophia E. Coston Tiffany
Elisha M. Cowen Kellogg
M. Antonia de Jerez Sunnyside
Brandi H. Denn Arroyo Vista Charter
Jennifer Desiderio Lauderbach
Laurel D. Douglas Hilltop
Michele M. Esposito Lauderbach
Melissa Familiar Montgomery
Vera R. Gallagher Montgomery
Audra M. Hackett Arroyo Vista Charter
Kelly R. Johnston Pupil Services (Rice)
Linda M. Kucinski Instructional Services (Casillas/Chula Vista Hills)
Ellen Lam Castle Park
Pamela S. Landy Cook
Yvonne Langarica Arroyo Vista Charter
Eileen M. Loyola Tiffany
Beatriz E. Manriquez Arroyo Vista Charter
Jonathan P. Morello Hilltop
Alicia M. Myer Silver Wing
Rebecca L. Noble Rogers
Vanessa A. Praggastis Liberty
Jenna L. Redman Arroyo Vista Charter
Heather L. Robertson Arroyo Vista Charter
Jennifer D. Romo Harborside
Nadia S. Shimotsu Pupil Services (McMillin)
Rebecca I. Sigmund Vista Square
Monica B. Smith Los Altos
Ashley M. Vasquez Finney
Azucena C. Velazquez Montgomery
Judy G. Vera Salt Creek
Erin J. Wilcox Harborside

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