Assembling 220 bicycles—in one afternoon!

If you have ever attempted to assemble a new bicycle from parts in a box, then you will appreciate the challenge that employees of the Chula Vista Elementary School District are undertaking. They plan to assemble 220 bicycles. In one afternoon.

The annual work party to put bikes together took place Friday, December 7. Thanks to the “Bikes for Kids Foundation,” a San Diego-based non-profit, the shiny new bikes and helmets will be distributed to needy third-grade students on Saturday, December 8. For some children, the bicycle may be the only gift they receive, according to Nancy Kerwin, the District’s Executive Director for Student, Family and Community Services. First things first. In a small warehouse at the Education Service and Support Center, at 84 East J Street, an army of volunteers came after work equipped with Phillips and flathead screwdrivers; crescent wrenches, pliers, metric wrenches, and standard wrenches.

The bikes will be distributed on Saturday, December 8, between 9 a.m. and noon in the parking lot adjacent to the warehouse. Volunteers will adjust bikes to fit the children and give instruction regarding the importance of wearing helmets, which are provided with the bikes.

The San Diego Bicycle Coalition will host a bike rodeo, providing instruction to children who’ve never ridden a bike as well as a fun obstacle course for the experienced riders. The giveaway and bike rodeo also will take place at 84 East J Street.

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