Coping with Tragedy

Coping with Tragedy / Cómo responder ante hechos trágicos

​Our hearts go out to all those impacted by the tragic loss of life in Connecticut. For guidance in helping your student cope with the news, a number of resources are available online. For example, for tips on how to talk to children about violence, click here. For help with coping with school violence, click here. The Ninth District PTA recommends the following link to the Fred Rogers website ‘helping children cope with scary news.’

The incident in Connecticut has caused our nation, and our own school communities to reflect on our safety practices. All District schools have Safe School Plans in place that include emergency procedures, and require regularly scheduled drills to prepare for crises such as earthquakes, fires, and lockdowns. These plans were developed with the input of school staff, parents, and law enforcement and are continuously refined. In light of recent events, we will review our procedures from cover to cover in collaboration with first responders and community members.

Our District has a strong partnership in place with the Chula Vista Police Department, which supports our District through a variety of resources that include the assignment of School Resource Officers. District schools are also closed campuses where visitors must sign in at the front office. Our District is supported by a network of Family Resource Centers. If you or someone you know is in need of mental health services, please reach out for assistance. “As educators, we have the ability to change our nation one lesson at a time,” says Ron Bennett, of School Services of California. “But we cannot do it alone. The issue of societal violence needs to be addressed at every level right now.”

Para hacer frente a la tragedia

Sentimos mucho la gran tragedia ocurrida en Connecticut. Para obtener orientación sobre cómo ayudar a su hijo a hacer frente a la noticia, hay disponibles muchos recursos en línea. Por ejemplo, para consejos sobre cómo hablar con los niños acerca de la violencia, haga click aquí. Para consejos sobre cómo hablar con los niños sobre la violencia en las escuelas visite este sitio en inglés. Además, el Distrito Noveno de la Asociación de Padres y Maestros (PTA) recomienda el siguiente enlace a la página web de Fred Rogers (en inglés), o para español puede consultar este enlace.

Lo ocurrido en Connecticut ha dado pie a que nuestra nación y nuestras propias comunidades escolares reflexionemos sobre nuestras prácticas de seguridad. Todas las escuelas del Distrito tienen planes de seguridad escolar que incluyen procedimientos de emergencia y requieren que periódicamente se realicen simulacros para casos de desastres como terremotos, incendios y cierres forzosos. Los planes de seguridad fueron desarrollados con la participación del personal, los padres de familia y la policía, y se refinan continuamente. Para cualquier pregunta sobre estos planes, no dude en comunicarse con el director o la directora de su escuela.

Nuestro Distrito trabaja estrechamente con el Departamento de Policía de Chula Vista, quien apoya a nuestro Distrito a través de una variedad de recursos que incluyen oficiales asignados a las escuelas. Las escuelas del Distrito también son planteles cerrados donde los visitantes deben registrarse en la oficina escolar.

Nuestro Distrito también cuenta con el apoyo de los centros de recursos familiares. Si usted o alguien que usted conoce necesitan servicios de salud mental, por favor pida ayuda.

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2 Comments on “Coping with Tragedy”

  1. Kim Lester December 21, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    My Daughter goes to Veteran’s. I like how the gates are locked after student drop off however, the main office door is unlocked and anybody can easily come through it and enter the campus. I’m not sure how the other schools are in the district but I believe that door should be a “buzz door”. I understand that if somebody wants in bad enough they can break the windows but, this could buy some time to send out a warning to the teachers and classrooms. Budget is always a factor but I believe lives are more valuable!

    • chulavistaesd December 21, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

      Hi, thank you for taking time to comment. We are in the process of meeting with CVPD and the City of Chula Vista. Already, we are reviewing our safety plan throughout the district. There will be changes coming to help increase police visibility while adding safety measures to enhance security measures in every school campus.

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