Speech Contestants Provided Food for Thought

The District’s 2013 District Speech Contest, sponsored by Chula Vista Rotary, featured the theme of health and wellness. Grade 4 participants addressed the need to develop healthy habits; upper grade students addressed the District’s wellness policy. Contestants in the recently concluded semi-finals delivered 3- to 5-minute persuasive speeches in front of an audience of parents, peers, staff and administrators. Each participant in the District-level competition was already a school-level champion for their respective grade. The District finals were held on Tuesday, February 26 at the Education Service and Support Center. The winners will present their speeches to the Board of Education at its March 6, 2013 meeting. View the complete list of 2013 finalists and winners.

The topics:

Grade 4: If you were the principal, how would you motivate students to develop healthy habits?

Grade 5: Our District has adopted a Wellness Policy that limits food related parties and celebrations, and unhealthy foods. Do you agree or disagree with the new policy?

Grade 6: As you prepare for middle school, should you have to adhere to a Wellness Policy? Why or why not?

Middle School Grades: To build a healthy community what actions would you initiate to change policy and or the environment?

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