Stunning Chalk Art at Wolf Canyon Captures Community’s Fancy

Wolf Canyon Elementary held its “Chalk Walk” last week, where each class recreated a picture in chalk from a popular book to illustrate a character trait. The event gives all students the opportunity to engage in rich artistic experiences while working together with peers and making strong connections to the character traits represented in the colorful murals that lined the front entrance to the school. The murals highlighted traits such as friendship, perseverance, respect for diversity, etc.

Another benefit of the day was powerful parent involvement, as each classroom enlisted volunteers to spend the day bringing the school community together around the arts while working side by side with students. This is one of Wolf Canyon’s most anticipated and enjoyed events, said Associate Principal Jennifer Ware.

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One Comment on “Stunning Chalk Art at Wolf Canyon Captures Community’s Fancy”

  1. kb June 6, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    Wow! What a beautiful dispay of art and community coming together. Fantastic effort from students and parents. Thank you for the view Wolf Canyon.

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