Teachers Honored for Outstanding Achievement with Students

A select group of teachers was honored recently for creating high levels of academic achievement among their respective students.

Careful review of STAR data for Grades 2-6 and Local Measures data for Kindergarten and Grade 1 last year indicated that “something very special is happening in their classrooms,” said Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D.

The achievement pattern seen in the assessments indicated that 75 percent or more of students in their classes:  (1)  Either scored at Proficient and Advanced levels in English/Language Arts AND Mathematics, or (2) Met end-of-year criteria for Local Measures Reading, Writing, AND Math.

“These results are what we want for all students,” Dr. Escobedo said.

For the last seven years, the District has celebrated the success of teachers in the “75% club” at a special ceremony at the Education Service and Support Center. This year, 275 teachers met the criteria.

“You are part of a group of extraordinary teachers from schools throughout the District,” Dr. Escobedo told those in attendance.

With the state’s elimination of CST assessments this year, the District will look at how to use Local Measures assessment data to identify the 2014 “75% Gainer Teachers” at all grade levels.

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