Harborside Teacher is Altrusa Award Recipient

Congratulations to Ryan Lemke, who was the recipient of the Altrusa Award from the Altrusa Club of Chula Vista. The award included a $500 gift card to an educational supply store for first year teachers to assist in outfitting their classrooms.

The Altrusa Club is an association of business executives and professionals who volunteer their energies and expertise in projects dedicated to community betterment.

The Altrusa Club ‘Adopt a Teacher Altrusa Award’ is given to two teachers from the Chula Vista Elementary School District each school year.Altrusa-pict

In photo:  Shauna Stokes, President,  Glenda Hogg, Service Committee Chair and Ryan Lemke,  SDC Teacher (grades 4-6).

–Information courtesy of Marcus A. Jackson Jr., Principal,
Harborside Elementary

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One Comment on “Harborside Teacher is Altrusa Award Recipient”

  1. Michael Jackman February 17, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    Well done Ryan! The kids are lucky to have you leading them.

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