Student Speakers Inspired and Challenged Us

The participants in the 2014 District Speech Contest regaled listeners with inspiring personal reflections about the meaning of liberty, service, courage and sacrifice.

The finals were held Monday, February 24 at the Education Services and Support Center. For a complete list of the finalists and champions, click here: 2014 Speech Contest – finalists.

Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, ED.D, said each of the participants was already a winner, regardless of where they placed in the competition.

“They have already acquired the gift of public speaking,” Escobedo said. “That skill will serve them well, not only as they progress in middle and high school, but in their business and professional growth as adults. The self-confidence and talent our students already displayed during this competition is impressive. They did a great job.”

In their presentations, many of the students challenged adults and peers to put into practice their ideas on improving the community, country and world. “When looking at the contest from a student’s standpoint, it lets them know that we value their voices and that there is a platform for them to share their opinions,” said Antwon Lincoln, contest Rotary Logocoordinator and District coordinator of Instructional Technology and Media Services. “In the big scheme of things these are the voices that we will hear in the near future as they join society as adults and future leaders.”

The school-level winners competed in semi-finals by grade level at the District’s Education Services and Support Center (84 East J Street) on the following dates:

  • Fourth grade – February 19 (Theme: What does liberty mean to me?);
  • Fifth grade – February 20 (Theme: What does service mean to me?);
  • Sixth grade – February 21 (Theme: What does courage mean to me?) and middle school grades (Theme: What sacrifices can I make to better my country?).

The speech contest was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chula Vista.


  • 1st Place Winner: $200 cash award, Rosette Ribbon & Perpetual Trophy
  • 2nd Place Winner: $100 cash award & Rosette Ribbon
  • 3rd Place Winner: $75 cash award & Rosette Ribbon
  • District Finalists at each grade level: $50 cash award and a Rosette Ribbon

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