2015-16 School Year: From ‘First Day’ Tears to Patriotic Tributes

Kindergarten parents shed a few tears. Teachers formed welcome “tunnels” at school entrances. And PTA leaders set up coffee and pastries to welcome parents. Most of the District’s 45 schools began the school year on Wednesday, July 22. (Ella B. Allen School, Hilltop Drive Elementary, and Vista Square Elementary are being modernized this summer and resume classes in September.)

The “First Day of School” spirit was evident as nearly 30,000 students resumed classes. At Howard Gardner Community School, a special flag raising ceremony was held to recognize the donors of large flag, flag pole, and lighting for nighttime viewing. The display was courtesy of Bob and Sue Sutherland from Sutherland Management Co. (McDonald’s restaurant owners). The flag flew at half-staff in honor of the five service members who were slain in Tennessee.

Parents and some teachers took to social media to share first day stories, and classroom activities, such as those posted to the #camlearns hashtag of Enrique S. Camarena Elementary. As one teacher put it, “LOVE the first day!!!”

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!

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