National Parent Advocacy Group Honors 11 CVESD Schools

Eleven schools in the Chula Vista Elementary School District are among 156 “Spotlight Schools” that provide exemplary opportunities and results for African American or Hispanic students, according to a recent report from GreatSchools, a national nonprofit organization.

GreatSchools’ analysis includes data on student outcomes as well as measures of educational opportunity and school resources.

Ten CVESD schools are listed for achievement of Hispanic students. They are:

Joseph C. Casillas, Chula Vista Hills, Discovery, EastLake, Myrtle S. Finney, Halecrest, Hilltop Drive, Liberty, Parkview, and Sunnyside. Wolf Canyon made the Spotlight list for achievement of African American students. Of the more than 9,000 public schools statewide, only 156 were recognized as Spotlight Schools.

In its award notification to the honorees, GreatSchools officials said, “Many families wish for a high-quality education for their child. Your school offers strong academics and opportunities and paves the path for educational success for diverse communities. …Our report includes a list of California schools that provide strong educational opportunities and show high levels of achievement for African American and Hispanic students.”

GreatSchools, a parent empowerment and advocacy group, released its list of Spotlight Schools on the 63rd anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. It was part of a larger report that examined gaps in access to quality schools. The GreatSchools study called attention to “alarming gaps in access to educational opportunity and student achievement.” Trends were examined at K-12 schools across the state to shed light on systemic gaps in access to advanced courses, teacher experience, college readiness, academic achievement, discipline, and other measures that indicate a student’s chances for success in college and careers.

Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D., superintendent of the Chula Vista Elementary School District, said he was proud that so many District schools were recognized for their work with students of color. “We still have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure all students receive a high-quality education,” Escobedo said.2017 Silverwing-Art-Class-37

Strategies that help English Learners, or practices that welcome military families also help all students, Escobedo noted.

“What we learned is that these welcoming practices are a great help to all new families to our system” he said. “If you are a student of color, and you are welcomed from the moment you walk in the door, that makes a big difference in how you feel about your new school. Of course, that rubs off on the rest of it—academics, social-emotional well-being. … We also put a lot of time and effort into the Growth Mindset. The Growth Mindset in education means that all students can learn, improve their skills and achieve. Our District slogan is, Each Child is an Individual of Great Worth. That sets the tone for our belief system in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.”

The list of Spotlight Schools can be accessed here.

The GreatSchools recognition is the latest in a string of awards for the District. One-third of the District’s campuses were recently recognized as 2016 California Honor Roll schools by the Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE).  The Honor Roll is part of a national effort to identify higher-performing schools and highlight successful practices that improve outcomes for students.


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