About the Chula Vista Elementary School District

Located in southern San Diego County, the Chula Vista Elementary School District is high performing, and frequently honored for student academic achievement. The District’s 45 schools serve more than 29,000 students, primarily in grades K-6.

Charter Schools

The District views charter schools as an opportunity for research and development of innovative educational practices. The District’s expectation is that programmatic freedom will foster high academic achievement for students. In fact, these are the premises on which charter school law was written. There are seven charter schools (including two independent charters) in the District: Arroyo Vista, Chula Vista Learning Community (CVLCC), Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences, Discovery, Mae L. Feaster, Howard Gardner Community, and Robert L. Mueller. Five of the seven charter schools also enroll middle school students, and one—CVLCC—has expanded to high school.

Dual Language Immersion Program

The Dual Immersion Program is a language-oriented program designed to build fluency in both Spanish and English. Native Spanish and English-speaking children have the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in both languages. There are 19 schools that offer a Dual Immersion program in the 2014-15 school year.

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