Pardon Me, I’m a Rock Star!

A music video that features students and staff from Clear View Elementary was formally unveiled at a special “Red Carpet Premiere” recently held at the school. Beaming students channeled their inner “rock star” to strut the red carpet, pose at a “VIP” photo booth, sign autographs, and sing along with recording artist Mike Cothrine as he performed live.

Then, for the music video premiere, students squealed in delight, pointed to themselves on screen, and sang some more to the video, called “One.” The video features Cothrine, who promotes a message of peace and unity. Much of the video was filmed at the school. At a time when schools across the country are grappling with issues of divisiveness, bullying, and self-harm, the video is a poignant reminder of the importance of supporting one another.

“Of all the songs I have written, ‘One’ is very personal to me,” Cothrine said. “It stands for what I stand for. When I had this vision for what this song could be …I believe that it was divine for me to be at Clear View. These beautiful children are truly special. My whole vision for this is to bring a little light into the world at this crazy time.”

The music video is available on YouTube:

Students were in awe. “I can’t believe I’m in a music video,” said one student, as she and her friends screamed. Others gleefully pointed to classmates who were in video shots playfully interacting with the camera. After the red carpet premiere, parents took photos of themselves and their children with Cothrine, and complimented Principal Erin Thiessen, and VAPA officials for providing students the opportunity.

The song’s message pleased school officials.

“No matter what origin you come from, no matter what zip code, gender—we all are one,” Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D., told those in attendance. “Chula Vista believes that. We believe that Each Child is an Individual of Great Worth. All of you are individuals of great worth. This video represents that vision and that mission.”

The District’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department will receive 50 percent of the sales of iTunes downloads of the song during a 30-day campaign that starts Friday, May 19.  When in the iTunes store, search for One-Mike Cothrine as pictured:

2017 One iTunes screen shot

The proceeds from the song downloads will go toward VAPA programs in our schools. Funds are needed to assist in the purchase of art supplies, costumes for theater productions, materials for props and sets, and music supplies. “Our VAPA programs make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students,” said Lauren Shelton, the District’s VAPA coordinator. “With the community’s support, we can strengthen and enhance our programs across the District.”

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